Migration- and refugee law

There are various reasons out of which people from abroad choose to live in Germany.

Unfortunately the rules governing the residency of foreigners in Germany are still very complicated and distributed in many different legislations which differ between refugees, European Union citizens and people who come for reasons of family reunion or work.

Taking into account this complexity of the legal situation and the relevance for your future life in Germany it is especially important to seek for early qualified consultancy. Such consultancy gives you a realistic overview about your personal opportunities of residency in Germany and allows you to take the best decisions to realize your plans and avoid problems with the immigration officials later.

Our attorney Christine Engels is happy to consult und represent you regarding the following questions:

– Living and working in Germany

– Permanent residency and German citizenship

–  Familiy reunion

–  Withdrawal and loss of your residence status

– Residency on humanitarian grounds (health reasons, etc.)

– Asylum procedure

– Freedom of movement for EU-Citizens and their relatives